Traffic Violations and their corresponding Penalties

Regulation Ordinance No. 2008-393

An ordinance amending Ordinance No. 78, Series of 1977, “An ordinance imposing penalties on drivers and conductors of motor vehicles in violation of the miscellaneous traffic rules and regulation, and providing schedule of fines and penalties thereof”


  1. PENALTY: P200.00
    1. Recklessly cutting in and out of traffic lanes;
    2. Making a U-turn at areas with “NO U-TURN” sign;
    3. Making a LEFT turn towards a street with “NO LEFT TURN” sign;
    4. Disregarding signal lights, hand signals by the traffic enforcers, traffic signages and markings;
    5. Making left or right turn from a wrong lane;
    6. Obstructing or impending the free passage of other vehicles;
    7. LOADING/UNLOADING within fifteen (15) meters of the corner of any street or intersection
  2. PENALTY: P300.00
    1. Motor vehicle racing on roads or streets;
    2. Entering a “ONE WAY” street;
    3. Driving without the use of functional headlights during night time;
    4. Driving without functional stop lights, signal lights, horns, mufflers
    5. Driving with dysfunctional/defective breaks;
    6. Unauthorized use of sirens;
    7. Allowing passengers on board in excess of the registered seating capacity;
    8. Allowing passengers to ride on a running board, atop the roof, or hood of a moving vehicle or allowing hitching unto a moving vehicle;
    9. Failure to display a red flag (cloth or the like) at the rear of the vehicle with protruding cargoes one (1) meter beyond the body or bed of the vehicle;
    10. PARKING within the 15 meters of the corner of any street or intersection;
    11. PARKING to obstruct vehicular driveways;
    12. PARKING at no parking areas;
    13. PARKING at sidewalks, alleys, paths not intended for parking;
    14. Repair of a stalled/broken vehicle on the side of the street for over one (1) hour;
    15. Failure to install/display Early Warning Devices (EWD) 4 meters before and after a temporarily stalled/or broken motor vehicle along the street or road;
    16. Unjustified use of blinkers (emergency blinkers) in order to park in NO PARKING/LOADING nd UNLOADING AREAS.
  3. PENALTY: P500.00 and/or imprisonment of not more than five (5) days
    1. Driving without a valid drivers license or expired Temporary Operators Permit;
    2. Operating a private motor vehicle to solicit passengers for a fee;
    3. Operating out of line within the city without a special permit issued by LTFRB to go out of authorized line;
    4. Operating a motor vehicle loaded with soil, gravel, sand , stones, boulder, debris or other similar materials without proper covering;
    5. Driving recklessly;
    6. Driving a motor vehicle without proper and updated documentation and plates from the LTFRB, from the City Government (For Hire Motorized Tricycles).
  4. PENALTY: P5,000.00 and/or imprisonment of 5 days at the discretion of the court
    1. Driving under the influence of intoxicating or prohibited substances as validated by any acceptable police and/or legal standard

Authored by: Councilor Erwin J. Plagata
Enacted: October 29, 2008