Summary of Regulation Ordinances (July 2010-June 2013)

Listed hereunder are regulation ordinances passed by the City Council (July 2010-June 2013). This listing, however, does not include regulation ordinances involving franchises, road closures, appropriation ordinances and ministerial ordinances.

2010-275 An ordinance amending 00-054 as amended by 2001-071 by providing additional incentives for the houses, bldgs., & structures declared by or to be declared as historical sites or heritage sites by the Iloilo City Cultural Heritage Conservation Council Hon. N. Tupas
2010-297 An ordinance prohibiting the practice of “Tandok” in the City of Iloilo Hon. L. Acap
2010-370 An ordinance amending Ord. No. 309, S. of 1992 (Jaywalking) providing for the inclusion of Sen. Benigno Aquino Avenue (Diversion Rd) in front of SM City Iloilo & Luna St., Lapaz, IC, in front of Gaisano City Hon. RLN Gerochi
2011-061 An ordinance establishing the city route of PUJs with franchise route Iloilo City-Jibao-an (Pavia) via Mandurriao and vice versa Hon. RLN Gerochi
2011-222 An ordinance regulating & requiring all commercial establishments offering internet services to provide an appropriate computer program, software, filters & such other implements, gadgets or measures to prevent customers access to pornographic websites & providing penalties for violation thereof Hon. N. Tupas
2011-274 An ordinance adopting the “Himno sang Dakbanwa sang Iloilo” composed by Arne Lubasan as the Official City Hymn Hon. N. Tupas
2001-275 An ordinance creating the Iloilo City Community College Hon. P. Nava II
2011-304 An ordinance naming the San Isidro Relocation Site located in Jaro District as “Uswag San Isidro Subdivision Hon. E. Estante, Jr.
2011-307 An ordinance requiring all business and commercial complexes & establishments & other places & spaces considered as high risk to install Video Surveillance Cameras or CCTV and providing penalties for violations thereof Hon. E. Estante, Jr.
2011-402 An ordinance establishing the Fireworks Manufacturing Zone in the City of Iloilo Hon. L. Acap
2011-458 An ordinance prohibiting any person, natural or juridical, from reserving a portion of public streets, avenues, sidewalks, alleys & other public open spaces for his/her/its exclusive use as parking space & prohibiting the installation or putting up of “Reserve Parking for Customers Only” signages and other markings therein, providing penalties for violation thereof Hon. P. Nava II
2011-548 An ordinance amending Sec. 4 of 2005-183, by fixing the fare rates of all tricycle units operating in the City of Iloilo Hon. RLN Gerochi
2011-563 An ordinance creating the Iloilo City Literacy Coordinating Council & institutionalizing the Literacy Program of the City of Iloilo, providing its policy, guidelines and funds thereof Hon. P. Nava II
2011-572 An ordinance creating the Local Tuberculosis Council of the City of Iloilo, appointing the members thereof and specifying its duties & responsibilities & for other purposes Hon. L. Acap
2011-605 An ordinance to provide exemptions in favor of senior citizens, persons with disabilities and pregnant women from compliance with the ordinance on loading & unloading of passengers by PUJs Hon. RLN Gerochi
2011-676 An ordinance amending the provisions of 2006-020 (Comprehensive ordinance prohibiting minors to wander, saunter or loiter in any place) – [Curfew Ordinance for Minors] Hon. P. Nava II
2011-726 An ordinance prohibiting any form of conveyance of the awarded lot on the relocation sites of the I.C. Gov’t. & providing penalties for violation thereof Hon. J. Alim
2011-751 An ordinance regulating the entry & transport of dogs or cats to the City of Iloilo and prescribing penalties for violation thereof Hon. L. Acap
2011-786 An ordinance prohibiting the drinking of liquor & other alcoholic beverages alongside the streets, roads, sidewalks, alleys and open public places within the City of Iloilo from 11:00 in the evening until 4:00 in the morning Hon. SM Mabilog
2012-398 An ordinance adopting the 2011-2010 Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) & the enactment of the Zoning Ordinance (ZO) of the City of Iloilo Hon. E. Yee
2012-035 An ordinance establishing additional pedestrian lanes in the City of Iloilo Hon. RLN Gerochi
2012-045 An ordinance regulating the security measures in public & commercial establishments, providing penalties for violation thereof and for other purposes Hon. J. Alim
2012-128 An ordinance designating the parking are outside SM Supermarket along Delgado Street as Public Utility Jeepney Service Lane Hon. RLN Gerochi
2012-149 An ordinance designating the corner of Mabini-De Leon Streets on the side of the Iloilo Terminal Market as parking spaces for the Office of the Municipal Trial Courts in Cities, Parole & Probation Office and the City Prosecutor’s Office Hon. RLN Gerochi
2012-150 An ordinance designating separate loading and unloading areas for the Bo. Obrero and Lapuz Jeepneys at Quarantine Road, Lapuz Hon. RLN Gerochi
2012-195 An ordinance providing for a Comprehensive Children’s Welfare Cade of the City of Iloilo Hon. N. Tupas
2012-196 Anti-Age Discrimination in Job Hiring Ordinance of Iloilo City (ICADJHO) Hon. DR Jamora
2012-213 An ordinance adopting, using & utilizing Joint Venture Agreement by & b/n the I.C. Gov’t. and Non-Governmental & People’s organization and/or any other party to engage in the delivery, among others, of certain basic services, capability building and livelihood projects, & to develop local enterprises, designed to improve productivity & income, spur industrialization, promote ecological balance & enhance the economic & social well-being of its people, providing further the mechanics, guidelines and procedures for such contractual arrangement Hon. J. Alim
2012-402 An ordinance regulating the operation of ambulant stores in the City of Iloilo Hon. L. Acap
2012-478 An ordinance amending Sec. A-20 and E-1, Art. III of 2009-217, “An ordinance re-establishing pedestrian lanes & stop lines in the City of Iloilo Hon. RLN Gerochi
2013-041 An ordinance establishing guidelines to facilitate & promote the Free Movie Admissions of the Senior Citizens at the movie houses, cinemas & theaters in the City of Iloilo Hon. SM Mabilog
2013-063 An ordinance establishing priority seats for citizens, persons with disabilities & pregnant women inside PUJs Hon. RLN Gerochi
2013-064 An ordinance prohibiting the use and/or setting alight of sky lanterns otherwise known as Flying Lanterns or Wishing Lanterns within the City of Iloilo Hon. E. Estante, Jr.
2013-120 An ordinance regulating the disposal of used motor oil by gasoline stations, auto repair shops & all other establishments, individuals or entities and prescribing penalties thereto Hon. J. Gonzales
2013-133 An ordinance requiring owners & operators of public pools including subdivision pools, lakeside resorts, water parks & other similar structures & accommodations w/ bathing and/or recreational facilities to provide duly certified lifeguards & lifeguarding tools & equipment necessary for the purpose and providing penalties for violation thereof Hon. E. Estante, Jr.
2013-237 An ordinance establishing the route of Oton (Derecho) PUJs in the City of Iloilo Hon. RLN Gerochi
2013-238 An ordinance creating a City Crematorium, Columbarium, & Multi-Purpose Hall inside City Cemeteries & prescribing the Schedule of Fees & charges, policies & implementing rules & regulations rendered by City Cemeteries relative to the disposal of the dead in the City of Iloilo, subject to availability of funds Hon. E. Estante, Jr.
2013-251 An ordinance enacting the Health and Sanitation Code of 2013 of the City of Iloilo pursuant to the Local Gov’t. Code of 1991 Hon. L. Acap