Speed Limit Ordinance Enacted

The City Council enacted Regulation Ordinance No. 2015-283, “An ordinance providing for the speed limits for all kinds of motor vehicles within the territorial jurisdiction of Iloilo City and providing the penalties for violation thereof”.

As stated in Section 2 of the said ordinance, “it is the purpose of this ordinance to safeguard public safety and ensure the well being of all its constituents by protecting them from road accidents due to over speeding and reckless driving.” Also, this ordinance shall apply to all types of public motor vehicle and to its drivers and owners within the territorial jurisdiction of Iloilo City.

In accordance with Section 36 of R.A. 4136 (Land Transportation and Traffic Code), the following speed limits in the City of Iloilo were set, to wit:

Maximum Allowable Speed
Name of thoroughfare / street / road Passenger automobiles motorcycles (km./hr) Trucks and buses (km./hr.)
1. From cor. Gen. Luna-Diversion Rd-Ungka 60 50
2. Sambag-CPU-Jaro Plaza 40 30
3. Jaro Plaza-Capitol 40 30
4. Capitol-Gen. Luna-Mohon 40 30
5. J.M. Basa St.-Fort San Pedro 40 30
6. Within City Proper 40 30
7. Circumferential, Radial & Coastal Rds within the territorial jurisdiction of I.C. 60 40
8. All other highways, streets, & roads, whether national or local, within the territorial jurisdiction of Iloilo City 30 20

Penalties for violation of this ordinance are as follows:

  1. First offense: P200.00 and/or imprisonment of 1 day minimum to 2 months maximum;
  2. 2nd offense: P500.00 and/or imprisonment of 2 months and 1 day minimum to 4 months maximum;
  3. 3rd offense: P1,000.00 and/or imprisonment of 4 months and 1 day minimum to 6 months maximum; at the discretion of the court

Exceptions, however, are given and shall not apply to the following:

  1. A physician or his driver when the former responds to emergency call;
  2. The driver of a hospital ambulance on he way to and from the place of accident or other emergency;
  3. Any driver bringing a wounded or sick person for emergency treatment to a hospital, clinic, or any other similar place;
  4. The driver of a motor vehicle belonging to the Armed Forces while in use for official purposes in times of riot, insurrection or invasion;
  5. The driver of a vehicle, when he or his passengers are in pursuit of a criminal;
  6. A law-enforcement officer who is trying to overtake a violator of traffic laws; and
  7. The driver officially operating a motor vehicle of any fire department, provided that exemption shall not be construed to allow unless or unnecessary fast driving of drivers aforementioned;
  8. For security reasons, very important persons (VIPs) such as visiting National Government Officials and other dignitaries.

This ordinance shall take effect after its publication in a newspaper of general circulation in Iloilo City.

This ordinance was sponsored by Councilor Joshua C. Alim and seconded by all members of the City Council and enacted during its 21st Regular Session held last June 2, 2015, with the City Vice Mayor, Hon. Jose S. Espinosa III, presiding.