Comprehensive Children’s Welfare Code

The City Council of Iloilo enacted Regulation Ordinance No. 2012-195, entitled “An ordinance providing for a Comprehensive Children’s Welfare Code of the City of Iloilo” during its 15th Regular Session held last April 25, 2012.

Said code was enacted to express the intent of the City Government of Iloilo that it “recognizes the importance of effectively promoting, fully enhancing, and institutionalizing the survival, development, participation and protection rights of children”.

Section 3 of the said ordinance enumerates the purpose of the enactment of this Code, to wit:

  1. To ensure the protection of children against all forms of abuse and exploitation;
  2. To advocate for children’s rights and promote their welfare and development;
  3. To ensure that children’s rights are given priority attention both in government and civil society;
  4. To improve the quality of life of Ilonggo children enabling them to fully develop their potentials and participate in community life and nation building; and
  5. To provide mechanisms to address violations that amount to abuse of the child or children.

In summary, the said Code expressly states provisions for the following:

Article II: Rights and Obligations of the Child

Sec. 8 – Rights of the Child

Sec. 9 – Responsibilities of the Child

Article III: Roles and Functions of Various Sectors

Sec. 10 – The Family

Sec. 11 – Primary Rights of Parents

Sec. 12 – Property Rights

Sec. 13- Right to Discipline Children

Sec. 14 – General Duties of Parents

Sec. 15 – Separation of Children from their Families

Sec. 16 – Role of Women

Sec. 17 – Roles of Parents, Foster Parents, Surrogate Parents, Substitute Parents, Adoptive Parents, and Legal Guardian

Sec. 18 – Role of Education Institutions

Sec. 19 – Role of the Mass Media

Sec. 20 – Role of Civic Organizations

Sec. 21 – Role of Judicial Institutions

Sec. 22 – Role of the Local Government Units

Sec. 23 – Role of Local Councils for the Protection of Children

Sec. 24 – Role of the Sangguniang Kabataan

Sec. 25- Role of the Community

Article IV: Programs and Services for Children

Sections 26-29: Comprehensive Programs for Children

Section 30: Programs to Prevent Children’s Rights Violations

Section 31: Parenting Orientation Courses

Sections 32-37: Health Care Program

Sections 38-45: Under Six Program & Establishment of Day Care Centers

Sections 46-48: Recreational and Cultural Programs

Sections 49-50: Children’s Month and Children’s Day Celebration

Article V: Special Concerns

Section 51: Prohibited Acts

Sections 52-53: Control on Exposure to New Technology

Sections 54-55: Iloilo City Task Force on Street Children

Sections 56-60: Iloilo City Dalayunan Home for Boys

Sections 61-64: Crisis Intervention Center

Section 65: Children in Situations of Armed Conflict: Protection for Children

Sections 66-84: Children in Conflict with the Law

Article VI: Implementing Mechanisms

Sections 85-91: Local Councils for the Protection of Children

Article VII: Remedial Measures and Penal Provisions

Article VIII: Budgetary Appropriations

R.O. 2012-195 is sponsored by Coun. Nielex C. Tupas, co-sponsored by Councilors Plaridel C. Nava II, Sheen Marie S. Mabilog, Joshua C. Alim, David Raymund C. Jamora and Lyndon V. Acap, and was duly seconded by Councilor Ely A. Estante Jr. The City Vice Mayor, Hon. Jose S. Espinosa III, together with the Temporary Presiding Officer, Hon. Jason R. Gonzales, presided over the deliberation.