Clean Up of Construction, Renovation and Demolition Debris Ordered

During the 5th Regular Session of the 34th City Council of Iloilo held last August 13, 2012, the Sangguniang Panlungsod of Iloilo City enacted Regulation Ordinance No. 2013-328, entitled “An ordinance requiring all contractors and owners of construction sites to clean up their construction, renovation and demolition debris and providing penalties for violations thereof.”

The proponent of said ordinance, Councilor Jason R. Gonzales, stated that construction, renovation and demolition debris pose a danger to motorists and commuters alike and contribute to clogging of waterways during a heavy downpour. He further stated that it is the policy of the City Government of Iloilo to be firmly committed to the implementation of the state principles, policies and the provisions of the Local Government Code of 1991 and the National Building Code of the Philippines as well as to promote and protect the people’s welfare and the environment.

Prohibitions enumerated in the said ordinance are as follows, to wit:

  1. It shall be unlawful for any contractor, building owner, utility company, or government agency to leave any debris along all public roads or on public lands, upon completion of its construction, renovation and demolition projects;
  2. Contractors, building owners, utility companies, or government agencies are required to install and provide appropriate and sufficient reflectorized warning signs before and after their construction sites. Furthermore, provision of steel metal plating for excavation sites shall be undertaken by the contractors;
  3. It shall be unlawful for any contractor, building owner, utility company to stockpile construction materials along public roads in the course of any construction, renovation or demolition activity; and
  4. The City Engineer and/or Building Official shall not approve the Occupancy Permit and Certificate of Completion of a structure
    unless all public roads and/or lands affected by any construction, renovation and demolition activity shall be cleared of debris produced by the same activities.

The ordinance further states that “whenever it is determined that construction debris exists along public roads/lands, the City Engineer’s Office shall notify and instruct in writing the contractor or building owner to remove the debris within three (3) working days of receiving the notice.” In the case of non-compliance by, or the absence of a response from the contractor or building owner after the three-day period has elapsed, the City Engineer’s Office will undertake a clean-up operation of the debris and stockpiled materials left on the road in the concerned site, the total cost of which shall be charged to the contractor or building owner.

Penalties and sanctions for erring individuals shall be as follows:

  1. A fine of P5,000.00 and the clean-up cost of P10,000.00; and
  2. In case the contractor or building owner fails to pay the fine and the clean-up cost within three (3) days from receipt of the bill, the penalty of suspension of business permit and possible blacklisting of the contractor in all biddings in the City Government of Iloilo shall be imposed.

Effectivity of this ordinance shall be thirty (30) days after its publication in a local newspaper of general circulation.